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The White House

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Here We Go

I tried hard to “get it done” yesterday, but didn’t quite make it. Ran back and forth doing laundry and writing on the backs of photos (takes awhile when 7 of 8 kids are in it….I was out of labels or I would have just cheated). Did get the laundry mostly done…just need to hang it in closets.


I got about 35 cards ready to go…the others for family need school photos put in them. Stopped at the Post Office. Very calm day.


Lucas and I went to Fred Meyer to get some groceries. There wasn’t a spot left, the store is still a disaster from remodeling, it is impossible to find anything and the aisles were packed. We were there an hour and a half!


Stopped at the pump…diesel for the truck….and this is with the Friday 10 cent discount!


3:15pm and it was starting to get dark.


My 19-year old scammed me. Paid him a considerable amount of money to clean the house thoroughly because today is Olivia’s birthday party and I’ve been busy with Elijah. When I got home he was gone and it was still a disaster. Emily decided to cop a teenager attitude. She hung the candy canes and then decided it wasn’t her problem and she wasn’t helping.


Olivia was “too tired from school” to do anything (it was pajama day at school).


Lucas was too busy playing the Wii to be of any help so again it was all on me. I cleaned and they made messes faster than I could pick them up. I’m up this morning to do what I can. I have 5 hours which I know is not long enough!


My husband is no help either. Here’s the photos I’ve been cutting out. He had salsa and crackers while watching a movie last night. Found the jar tossed on the photos this morning. He’s damn lucky it didn’t leak. So really…if he isn’t going to pick up after himself, are the kids? Nope, I’m their personal maid. Please, don’t read this as complaining…’s my life and it could be worse….I’m just pissed that on the days (only a couple a year) that something is happening I can’t get help. I’ll be over it tomorrow.


We got a big box while at the post office from Granma and Papa Doyle. Lucas and Olivia were very excited to put the presents under the tree.


Some things we got right away. I got some very nice rooster towels for the kitchen, there were wool socks for dad, books for the little ones that Emily read them, candy, gum, crackers, pistachios and wall hangings for the girls.



When they were destroying the house faster than I was cleaning it, I gave up. They got on the computer and we watched a movie. I went to bed at 9:30 thinking I’d be up early to do it alone. Slept until 8:00!! I must have been tired. Now as I write this Lucas is up….hope the girls sleep in a little.


The hug always leads to trouble. He just loves his Emily. She’s kind of bitchy about it.


It ended like this.


So Olivia gave her the tickle treatment.


Oh, and did I mention besides being messy we are very, very loud? In fact, we are so loud it is starting to bug even me. Although quiet families are kind of creepy, don’t ya think? LOL :)


Lori Skoog said...'ve trained your crew well! Quit being the nice guy and have them help you....

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That picture of Lucas crying would about break my heart. Poor little guy. I have to say tho that the one thing that doesn't make sense is Nick not doing the work you paid him, up front, to do. He's usually such a good kid. What happened?

Janie said...

I hd forgotten how loud kids can be until our recent trip to Connecticut. The noise level was amazing!