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The White House

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beyond Lazy. Into Sloth Mode.


I have been horribly pathetically lazy. So lazy there is still Christmas stuff everywhere and the sink is full of dishes. I have so many things I could be doing and I just can’t seem to move. I literally spent the good portion of two days obsessed with figuring out how to get EPUB books (free from the library) on to my Nook. I finally did it! Yea for me!!

Tuesday Olivia, Lucas and I went down the ridge to show Sophie to Debbi. I stopped on the way down for this shot over Fairbanks.


I had some errands to run and (naturally) Olivia and Lucas wanted to stay at Grandma’s. I talked Olivia into shopping with me (after taking kids with me everywhere for the last (almost) 19 years I really suck at solo outings…. I’m company dependent). Sophie curled up next to me and off we went on her first trip to town. I need to make her a bed in the truck because I’d like her to ride along whenever it is appropriate.


We went to Cold Spot Feeds to get her some puppy food.


Then we went to Petco so Olivia could pick out rocks for the fish tank she got for Christmas to share with her brother. Sharing isn’t going to happen due to the neon pink, blue and green rocks she got. Lucas will probably want his own tank now. How is it such a tiny dog can get heavy so fast? She rode in the cart a lot.


We ran into another Shih Tzu at the store. I showed this to Homer and his response? If he would have known they grew up to be such ugly dogs he would of gotten me something else! I laughed so hard. They kind of are ugly dogs and they are seriously high maintenance, but from what I hear their loving personality is worth it.


Next stop was the library (ice crystals in the very cold air). I had to renew my library card and get my pin number so I can download free eBooks.


Sophie did quite well in the truck.


When I got home I sautéed some of the toppings from the pizzas. Added spinach, garlic and sun dried tomatoes to this along with alfredo sauce. Spooned on some pasta for a filling meal to accompany our movie.


Cody got us Band of Brothers (HBO special) for Christmas. It is 6 dvd’s! We intended on watching one. That became two which turned into three. We went to bed way too late which pretty much turned Wednesday into a do-nothing day for me. (Dad still went to work). Sophie snuggled with her monkey during the movie.



I held the not-yet-named-rabbit, too. He completely sprawled out and got comfy. (I think this rabbit is more like a dog than a bunny).


I think he wants a monkey of his own!!


They really weren’t very interested in each other.


So like I said Wednesday was a pretty sluggish day. Emily and I went shopping for rocks for her tank and met Dad for a bite to eat, but I never took any photos all day long. (It was also Elijah’s 16th birthday…. I wanted a big party and he wanted to go to a basketball tournament with his friends. I guess parties aren’t for teenage boys. At least not Mom-Parties).

At home that night Lucas had me teach him some “magic” from his new kit. He’s behind the curtain being announced by Dad to put on a magic show. He was too cute. Check out the video if you dare to be amazed by his skills! :)



And today? Nothing much again. I stayed up too late and had to get up early to take Elijah in for a check-up with his neurosurgeon. I now have a really cool dvd with photos of the six screws in his head. Crazy stuff!! After the appointment I fought with my Nook all day. How pathetic is that? I’m bugging myself now with my lack of ambition. This afternoon I ran some boys in to watch more basketball…. see that? Thirty-three degrees below zero!! I actually hit as low as –35*, but if you know Alaskan roads you’d know how hard it is to take a photograph in the dark while driving. The roads are very bumpy to say the least. It’s been cold for several days now and it is supposed to continue awhile. My comfort? I downloaded a book on gardening and am letting my mind see warmer times.


Okay…the night is still young. Set up fish tanks or watch another DVD in the series (dying to know how it ends)? Emily is feeling lazy as well so I bet we don’t do anything. :)

Lucas is magical!


Humble wife said...

I love the magic show! And I love the bunny and puppy~so adorable. And no matter how ugly or cute, we dog people love our dogs as is and when they get old and ugly.

I am slothlike today too!

New year new day coming up! Have a wonderful New Years with your lovely family!


Patty said...

Cute magic show! I love the bunny! Now that is really really cute. Is is a girl Bunny? Did you get it for Christmas? maybe name it Holly?? That sounds Christmasy. Or Comet or Vixen... lol
(have to agree with Homer, and what the dog grows up to look like). Very cute as puppies though!
Happy New Year Gayle!

FlowerLady said...

Dear Gayle ~ I would be tired too after all that you do up there in Alaska with your family and critters.
Laughter, love, and good food do much to help with the times that aren't so good.

May 2012 be a wonderful year for all of you.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

What a great post - I think you're entitled to chill out once in awhile. Sounds like you're enjoying it. I loved Band of Brothers. I saw it when it originally aired on HBO and I found a copy at a garage sale over the summer, so I just re-watched it. So well done and a great way to learn the history of WW2. Loved Lucas' magic show!

Stace said...

Band of Brothers is one of my favorites!!! IT's hard to watch only one! :)
Love the magic show! Too cute :)
We used to raise shih tzu's. Most of them had really sweet personalities...Mike wouldn't agree with me on one....when mike and I first got together and he could come over and spend the night, the dog would pee on his jacket EVERY time...I laughed. He didn't find it as amusing :P