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The White House

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flowers Part Two

Another odd bed of zinnia, snapdragons, dahlia and cauliflower of all things.
At least one of them bloomed this summer. This plant is almost 3 feet tall. I’ve never had one get that big.
Emily really likes these the best. Maybe a whole bed would look nice. Can I keep 50 plants alive for transplanting?
I had flats of these that didn’t make it. I hope to have an entire bed of snaps next summer. The kids love them and they have such a nice variety of color and make a pretty rainbow bed.
The end of the bed was filled with cauliflower plants that didn’t produce anything. It does look better than an empty dirt spot would have. (This angle shows how tall some of the other beds are in the background).
The little clump of light pink on the left are the schizanthus that I started and planted. Everything else reseeded itself. The reseeded plants are bigger, stronger and better. I hope they come back again next year.
At the other end are some random petunias, nicotiana and painted daisy. They do not go well together and the daisy plants get so big they take over everything.
Every year this is the worst looking bed. I leave it for last.
The middle section is where I moved the marigolds to that reseeded themselves in the petunia bed.
Very little luck with the diathus…just one flower.
The opposite end is where I planted the perennials I bought earlier this summer. They were taken over by the viola that I did not plant. I’m ripping out every one of those I see next summer.
This lilac really took off this summer growing quite a bit and giving a lot of blooms. It must be 8 feet tall now! Again…full of viola’s that grew on their own.
This is three hensa rose bushes that spans about six feet. Someday I will transplant these to the other side of the house on the edge of the lawn when it finally gets planted. I’d like to let them spread and have a bigger hedge.

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Anonymous said...

Well Sis. I think it looks damn good for what you had to put up with this summer. I think the mish mash of flowere are neat. Lots of color and variety. They don't HAVE to looked manicured!!! I see a lot of work there and do appreciate the pictures. I check your blog everyday first thing, just to see pictures. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK...Love you