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The White House

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Little Sun

After our appointments it was raining so I went to work in the house. Trying to get rid of as much clutter as possible. The less we have the easier it will be to work on the house (and the more calm I will feel!). There was a shelf in the cabinet, but it was too high for Olivia and Lucas to see the movies so I removed it. This will work much better. All our other movies are in CD cases. Years ago we put them all into two big hard suitcase type carriers so that the movies could go with us in the van on hockey trips. I shouldn't have thrown all the cases away, but did. I need a tower now as they are all in a box on the floor and it annoys me.

The kids were visiting their Grandma and while I was working on the movies the sun came out. It has been awhile since we've seen it so I immediately went outside to work. I was able to make some progress without all the interruptions. :)

I weeded another twenty feet. Then I rototilled all 40 feet and planted some of the petunias. Only 70 more feet to go. *sigh* (I really wish someone would do this for back and knees are killing me!).

These are Tidal Wave Purple. Do they look purple to you? No, not at all. Looks pink. I'm bummed. I wanted purple for Nick in honor of graduating and becoming an adult as it is his favorite color.

I get bored working in one area too long so I bounce around. I believe these days they call that ADD, I'm going to go with adventurous and creative. LOL

I weeded the Aster bed. Not very many of them survived. I am going to figure out something to plant into between them. Maybe I'll check the clearance rack at Lowe's today.
This really makes me sick. The last three summers I took care of things. Now I have more weeds than plants. They are choking out the Aster's. I can't figure out what my problem is....maybe I just move slower than I think I do?

Had a bit of a date night with Homer last night. We met on the deck at Pike's for dinner. The sun was trying so hard to peek through.

We got lucky and it never did rain. We were there over two hours. I was shocked when I checked the time. Good conversation :)
After visiting some friends that live nearby we got the kids and went home. Right to the air hockey table they went!

Then all of a sudden we heard a storm roll through. It was pouring!

We have seriously wasted away the morning. I can't believe the lack of motivation!  We are going to cure that with a trip to the grocery store and maybe some McDonald's for a treat. Hopefully, we find some ambition and when we get home we actually do something!! :)

I am beginning to update my gardening blog that I've neglected. You can read about my tomatoes right here.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

i think the sun is a great motivator

Gail said...

Mulching with something sure helps keep our weeds down.

We are hot and dry so I am experiencing a little rain envy here.

Your date night has an awesome view!

I love your rocks. We don't have that kind here...or rather, that shape. Are they river stones?

Janie said...

I'm glad you had a date night in between all the work!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That picture from the deck is gorgeous! Glad you hear you had a nice evening out.