The White House

The White House

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Going Through The Motions


Wednesday at 6:00PM I was coaching Nick’s soccer except he wasn’t playing because his leg is still messed up. At 7:00PM I left him in charge of the team and I went to watch Lucas. I’m really going to miss watching him play. His enthusiasm is uplifting.


The two Rosecomb lay eggs everywhere except where they are supposed to.


It’s out-of-control and I love it!


Emily and I are doing an experiment to see if onions will grow in the nasty clay-silty soil we have here without adding anything to it.


We made mounds and patted them down.


While we worked these two made up all kinds of stories playing with action figures. Thursday is a down day for them after three days of running to soccer. They are quite content to interact together and ignore the rest of the house.


Then we made a trench, placed the onion sets and covered.




I also got the 110-foot bed along the fence done. There are 57 tidal wave petunias and two ? (I need to go read the tag) perennials at the end with a nice blank spot where I ran out of plants!


Emily has been using my “good camera” for two days. I just uploaded about 500 photos. Now I’ll have her go through them for some blog posts. Unfortunately, my camera needs cleaned and the settings were off so she has a lot of editing to do. This was her view of Daisy.


And one of the Buff Orphingtons.


Homer ripped out two stumps, dug a big hole, buried them and hauled some dirt up. Not ready for grass yet, but we are getting closer.




While he did that we made the little garden area bigger. If the onions try to grow then next year we will mix compost with this clay and plant it early. 


We have enough onion sets to do three of these, but for less than $6 I don’t mind wasting them.


Olivia watered a little and then went to bed. I watered late into the night and Emily hung out to keep me company.


She took this picture of the beautiful sky.


We are very lazy and slow starting today. Meeting after meeting and all this fighting in the legal system is so draining and makes no sense when we had no problems communicating for 19 years prior to this last year. And when mom doesn’t have the get-up-go no one else does either.

It’s time for me to  pull it together.

Even if I don’t want to.


FlowerLady said...

As usual, there is LOTS going on there in your Alaskan territory. I think Emily is on her way to being a great photographer.

Have a GREAT weekend!


Lori Skoog said...

Gayle...your yard is looking spectacular. Love the greenhouse and all the gardens.

Corey~living and loving said...

really love emily's animal shots. she is good. :)