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The White House

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pretty Laid Back

Father's Day was pretty laid back. Of course, Em and I were exhausted from our six-mile walk the day before, and Dad deserved a slow-paced day. (Not that it stopped him from building Em a greenhouse...more on that later).Em had to leave for awhile, but when she came back she tried to relax.

Until her  brother's threw water balloons at her! Lucky for her they missed. Isn't sibling love grand?!

Wouldn't you know it....they were in the pool!

I wish it was full, but the truck is still broken. I wish the dock was done, but the lumber fairy hasn't graced us yet. I wish we didn't have to work so much and it was all done, but even unfinished these are two of the happiest kids in the neighborhood.

It was a really nice day.

My lilac has a few nice blooms.

Monday didn't see a whole lot get done and I'm not sure why. The clock was in fast-forward. Em and I put string up for her peas.
And I started taking some of the "leaves" off the netting. It's too heavy to hang otherwise.  I may finish by August!

Soccer really cut into the day yesterday. I had to be at the field at 5:00pm for team photos. Gave the Littles a quick bath, dropped eggs up at UAF and then got to the field. My team did not. Teenage boys could care less about photos. I did have a buddy photo done with Nick and Lucas. I did this last year and it is just precious. So I rescheduled my team and will drag them all over to the photo booth after our game on Wednesday. Big, stinky, sweaty messes, but at least we'll have a team photo!

Nick played goalie the whole game. He likes goalie plus is was really, really hot at the fields and he didn't want to run after a long day at work.
 Lucas wanted to hang out and watch his brother (Nick is everything to that little guy). He made some friends and played a lot on the empty field behind me. Homer took the girls home and apparently they played dress-up! :)
 I missed the good shot, but maybe you can see that they are both laughing. Lucas walked around the field to take his big brother something to drink and they were playing a high-five game until Nick thought he'd better get into the net before he got scored on. Our game ended in a tie. I am quite confident when we meet this team again we will beat them. I had a couple of my "scorers" not working so hard and one of their goals was a penalty kick which the goalie rarely wins. We normally play at 8pm and this 6pm game really threw my team off their game.

It rained all night, but doesn't seem to be this morning. I hope it stays away long enough for me to take care of the netting.

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