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The White House

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Rest of Saturday

The rest of Saturday night....

There are some of my current compost piles.  There are six (the one on the left is just started and doesn't have a pallet on the end). I also have two more up on the hill on the other side of the house.

I wanted to pull them out, water and layer them again for the summer heat.
Daisy immediately gets her nose in there.  This one was all leaves so she had quite a snack.
Emily hung out and gave me a hand watering.
She wanted to show off her new shades.  Came from the lost-and-found at her friends mom's work.
I spread out a layer of ash on the leaves. Next I topped with more leaves and then a layer of sawdust and chicken manure.
It was 34* and down right freezing!!
I don't care if the sun was wasn't helping.
Emily wants to garden so she needs to learn to do the work as well.  She wasn't super impressed with shoveling sheep manure, but she did it.
One more layer of leaves and then topped with straw and sheep manure. Everything got a good soaking and then it was closed up for the summer. It's about a 4' X 3' pile.
Daisy had to get right in an inspect pile number two.  After awhile she becomes a pain getting in the way.  This pile already had manure added to it so we just stirred and watered.  Then that was it.  I was so cold I couldn't feel my toes anymore.  I spent 3.5 hours out earlier in the day and then another 3.5 in the evening.  It was just too cold.  Sure hope we have a hot summer!

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Janie said...

Daisy seems to like the compost pile. Looks like she's going to bed down in it.