The White House

The White House

Friday, April 29, 2011

It Got A Little Better

I cannot tell a plant room has been severely neglected.  I don't remember it being this difficult last year.  Of course, Olivia was in school so Lucas had her to play with.  The kids were each a year younger so maybe their needs were different.  All I know is I'm falling further and further behind each day. Look at these scraggly plants! UG!  Of course, last year they looked the same, I planted them laying on the dirt and by the end of summer they were two feet tall, standing up, full of flowers so who knows. I did spend quite a bit of time working on transplanting some stuff, but what I'm really concerned about is the seeds that aren't in the ground. Only five weeks until they can go outside.
This is my 4-wheeler.  Obviously I was not in my right mind when I let Elijah use it twice last summer.  In one trip he busted the tail light and in the other, the headlight. The other day I noticed a dent in one of the rims. (He literally destroys everything he touches...very rough on stuff with out a care).  (Note...he is NEVER riding MY 4-wheeler again.  He can get his own).
So I load up food, water, compost to take across the yard and there are no bungee cords. Arrrgg!  Little thieves!!  I happened to make it without spilling, but spilling would have gone with my morning thus far.
They attack the food like they've never eaten before.  They are all very fat.  Must be a chicken thing. See the turkey hen to the right just laying there?  Not sure what is up with her.  One minute she's like that seemingly on the verge of death then she'll be clucking around flying up on things.  Very strange.
Daisy really wants that chicken feed because it is so bad for her.
 Temporary shelter until I design the permanent one.  You would have laughed watching me put it up.  You would have thought I'd never hung a tarp I was so confused!
 Hello?  Can I get out?  I know there has to be green grass out there somewhere.  (There is not).
 They were fine, then they fell over.  Spent forever cutting sticks and staking tomatoes, and I'm still not done.
 Olivia and I made a big calming.
 Look how fast the snow is going.  Just on Sunday it was all buried. 
 No roof yet, but he did climb up the ladder and did some thinking.  Then he gathered tools and screws.  Maybe tonight?
 I raked and shoveled to try and get the water to drain.  I have a hundred other things to do, but I thought I'd stay next to him for moral support.
Tried posting this last night, but our Internet is horrible.  So slow the photos wouldn't load.  Such a waste of time waiting!  So far today I've been yelled at by a teenager and had a door slammed in my face.  Let's hope I don't wear my coffee again. :)


Janie said...

You always have a lot of projects going at your house.
I'll bet you're glad to see all of the snow melting!

Gail said...

My two year old gs is reading this with me and really enjoyed seeing your animals.

Lori Skoog said...

It's so good to see some photos without snow! I see a greenhouse in your future. Kudos to Homer!

FlowerLady said...

Dear Gayle ~ Glad to see your snow is melting. You sure will have a lot to plant in the near future.

Your green house is going to be fantastic, and it's wonderful that you have a hubby like Homer who is handy in so many different ways.

I'm sure you are more than just moral support when Homar needs you. But, being moral support is valuable too.

We are there for each other whatever the circumstances, through thick and then, physically, mentally, spiritually.

Hang in there and pretty soon your green house will be finished.

I always enjoy reading about your critters. Daisy is a real hoot, and your chickens are neat.

Have a great weekend and I hope you get to enjoy the great outdoors.


Stace said...

Oh...that greenhouse...I covet it...The Major has built a Ft. Knox type cabinet down in the scary cellar for his seedlings...complete with mouse traps! I would prefer a sunny, mouse free greenhouse.
ps. I love Olivia's always makes ME smile :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

never a dull moment or a time for rest at your house.

Bonnie said...

Love seeing all your plants. Sorry your going through some rough stuff. We have the same issues of kids crying because they do not want to go get their brother at school, no advice there.

Can't wait to see the greenhouse roof. I would LOVE a greenhouse but this year I'm happy with the fact my husband is moving the shed over by the garden so I need not walk a mile away to get somethign I need.

Take care Gayle!