The White House

The White House

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Counting Life's Blessings

So this is how it works:  I turn on all the lights around 7:00am.  Pull out the flats, water everything (1-2.5 hours depending on the dryness) and then normally plant some more seeds.  As you know, I'm out of dirt (odd thing to be out of) and out of money to buy the spendy bags so I am waiting until my husband can bring home a truck load.  Gardening will most likely not be a 100% success this season with the late starting seeds. Anyhow, throughout the day I slide the flats in then I rotate them and then they are slid one more time.  It's very labor intensive.  Of course, this process could be eliminated by having two lights on each shelf, but 42 shop lights affect my light bill enough already that I couldn't imagine doubling that!  Every year it gets a little better and I learn a little more.  I just have to accept the failures with grace.
 I finally got one coat of primer on the nest boxes.  What a pain.  It is a recycled tool shelf and free so it is worth it, but the old wood really soaks up the paint.  Plus, being already built makes it harder to paint...those boxes are a foot and a half deep so it is quite a reach. The top and right six have a second coat.  I will try to finish tomorrow as I have to get up and do the bathroom.  Homer has been working on it so I could paint.  Now I'm the hold up!!
 Dad brought me home some chicken feed and I had to make two trips because I had hay for Daisy as well.  We buy it one bale at a time which is pretty expensive.  I hope to build some kind of storage this summer and stock pile it and straw for the Hen House.
 I'd like to think they are excited to see me, but really, it's all about the food. I can't wait until I can kick them out into the yard.  I'd want to clean it out, pressure wash away all the dust from the sawdust we used and finish up the loose ends....big light, ventilation system and insulating the end.  Oh, and then I'll have to decorate.  Shouldn't every coop have decorations? :)
 Miss Daisy sure loves her hay.
 I finished up a hat apparently too soon and now it is for a baby.  Guess I'll toss it in a drawer until I have someone to give it to.
 For anyone around town who happens to be excited about Spring this photo was from 2008 when we got quite a bit of snow of April 24th.  In fact, they are calling for snow tonight and tomorrow.  We are a long way away from winter being over.
 This was May 8th of last year.  One last dusting before summer set in.  Two weeks after this photo my girls were running around the yard in bathing suits!  We sure have quick and drastic weather changes.
 I wanted to share that I've been doing the tent-in-the-living-room thing for quite a long time.  That is Elijah, Nick and Emily when they were two, six and nine (or there abouts).
 Who is that?  Why that is my precious Emily when she was little.  She's always helped her Mama with the gardening.
 She's always had quite the fashion sense as well!!  Olivia does the same thing now.
 And one more of her at her 2nd birthday just because she was so darn cute.  I loved fixing her up.
 A digital photo gone bad of Miss Daisy the summer we got her.  Isn't she a riot?  Right before our wedding I gave her a bath.  This is what happens when you brush and blow-dry a sheep like her.  She looked like a big fluffy Q-Tip.
 And this, my friends, is how everyone should get married.  We didn't intend to hold the little ones, but they got stressed out with all the people and started to fuss.  It was just natural for Homer and I to pick up and comfort our babies.  So we held hands and said our vows all while holding life's precious gifts. It was perfect.


Stace said...

aww..I love the old pics Gayle...The picture of all of you at your wedding is perfect...I love it.

You didn't take video of you washing and blowdrying Daisy did you??? I would LOVE to see that!!! :D

we just planted some seeds..late as usual..but I showed the Major your set up and Im trying to get him to build something like that downstairs.

sue in mexico mo said...

What a sweet wedding photo!

Tara said...

beautiful post!! Emily was a doll, (of course!)

Coops are looking good, those will be some happy chickens :)

Busybee @ Snug Harbor said...

I really love the wedding picture! Talk about a picture painting a thousand words. Lovely!

Lori Skoog said...

Love the picture of your wedding!

FlowerLady said...

What wonderful photos and yes, life's blessings.

Bless your heart as you live each day that you are gifted with.

You are such an inspiration.

Daisy is a hoot.


Janie said...

Aw, that's a sweet wedding photo, Gayle.

Lisa L said...

beautiful post...just beautiful