The White House

The White House

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Perfect Evening

I spent a good deal of time rearranging and cleaning the grow room.  Again, bad idea to use it to store stuff that had no where else to go.  I should have just gotten rid of it all.

Picked Emily up from school and ran to the store.  She talked me into $40 Converse Black Mono's.  She's good like that. :) (Of course, it really isn't all that hard. My kids know I'll wear the same one pair of pants and ratty shoes for years just so they can have more!). What I find crazy is that they charge that much for a basic shoe, but her smile was worth twice that!
 I made taco salads for dinner complete with a shell bowl (I've never done that before).  It was so filling!  Dad took the little ones upstairs for a bath so Emily and I cooked up the home made ice cream. Today we'll freeze it after school.
 Then her and I took off on a walk.  Daisy was showing off her good side.
 And her other good side.

We walked down the road like we owned it or because there wasn't a lot of traffic this time of night.
 We took a left half way up that hill in the distance...right across from that little black spot (mail boxes).
Look who we walked right by!

She went right back to eating and wasn't very interested in us.

The sky was just beautiful.  I really enjoyed out time together.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were less chores and more time for walking?  I could do that all day long...there was a lot to see and talk about.
Tonight it was all about Emily and I.  Elijah was in his room, Nick and Nick (he stays with us on Monday nights) were snow machining, Dad was playing with Olivia and Lucas in their room...we painted nails! :)
And planted Sugar Baby Watermelon!
What a wonderfully relaxing evening with lots of good conversation. Our mother-daughter bond grows stronger each day and it is sad that we can't be like this all the time. I miss so much of my daughter's life.  But we can't dwell on what we don't have.  We have to rejoice in what we do have and I am looking forward to a repeat tonight!


Gail said...

How wonderful...enjoy!

Corey~living and loving said...

what a wonderfully, happy post. ♥ I'm so glad you two girls has such a great bonding time together. :)

Busybee @ Snug Harbor said...

I love the picture of Emily in her green hat! I would like to be able to walk down the road and see Moose like that. What a bonus to living where you do. You sure have a LOT of snow left up there tho. :-(

RottenMom said...

Love that you had such a great night with your girl!

What time of night was it that you were walking? Do you have to have dark drapes in the bedrooms in order for the kids to get some sleep? This is fascinating to me and I must know the answer please.

And thank you.