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Monday, March 14, 2011

Lovin' Spring Break!

Saturday was a BIG day.  I started the day with some transplanting.  I have so got to get my act together.  I have a few things growing, but really need to get a move on.  The days are slipping by....

I thought I'd brave shopping on a Saturday with the Wee People.  Really, really dumb idea.  First, they are four and six.  They totally did not care about getting Nick shorts at Old Navy.  Secondly, every single resident of Fairbanks was at Old Navy getting shorts.  Not that it is really shorts weather, but for Nick and Elijah, it's shorts weather. Next stop was Lowe's to look at linoleum and paint.  For under $100 we can paint, re floor and spruce up one of the upstairs bathrooms.  We are also going to finish the downstairs bathroom (it has walls and a toilet, but that's it). We also picked up onion sets.  The same bags last year (80 sets) were 98 cents.  This year they are $1.98.  We also found three small and sickly spider plants for 25 cents each.

I have no idea what these two are doing, but they were quite silly.

We left Lowe's and met Grandma and Emily at an Art Expo at Pioneer Park.   Look at the size of this loom!  That looks like a lot of fun.  How much for a woven alpaca scarf in your world?  They were $90 (and up) here.  I cannot even imagine spending that much on a scarf!

There was live music.
There were vendors both upstairs and down. Most of the stuff was very expensive.  Not sure how those artists survive.  Can people really afford $50 necklaces and $250 paintings?  I suppose once my kids are grown that would be possible, but for now they get every dime and then some! :)
The kids got to paint on a canvas.

We watched some ladies do pottery.  Nick does this at school and is pretty good at it (He has a 104% in the class!). The teacher had him do extra projects for the fund raising sale. 

Outside they had constructed a small ice rink.  What are the odds that I'd snap my picture just as Lucas bit it?  He was determined and didn't quit messing around until the third fall!
After the Expo we took Grandma to Food Factory for lunch (a favorite of all three kids). They do really well in a restaurant.
Busy Saturday night...Emily had her cousins spend the night, took Elijah to Levi's, Nick babysat the five kids (He has a $250 ticket from his accident that has to be paid right now, he doesn't have a job even though he's tried to find one so as his parents we've got to step up and help him out so he gave us an evening in return.) and we went to a quiet restaurant with my niece.  What a full day!!

Sunday was a kick-back day.  The girls played until 5:00pm when they went home.  Played cards, watched movies...nothing to strenuous.  :)  Emily and I went grocery shopping at 8:00pm thinking the store would be quiet.  Nope, not a chance. Isn't the price of food insane?  That has to be our biggest expense.  Teenage boys can really pack the food away especially when they roll through with two or three of their friends. Add to that three growing kids and it doesn't take long to empty the shelves. Em and I are going to do some baking to make cheaper snacks. I'm really looking forward to food from the garden.

Started off my Monday cleaning four bedrooms. As long as I do it everyday I can buzz through pretty quickly.  The laundry on the other hand is kicking my butt.  Not sure where it is coming from, but I can't seem to make a dent in it.  There must be at least ten loads there!  Watered the plants, cooked breakfast, it's time to clean the kitchen.  Always so much to do when you have kids to care for!  I really want to get some planting done before our evening plans.  The hours fly by so quickly!!

Hope you are having a sunny Monday as well!!


sue in mexico mo said...

My head is spinning! You are a whirl-wind! :-)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I've come to the conclusion that we have too many clothes and thats how we get so much laundry,,,

Janie said...

The painting looks like great kid fun!