The White House

The White House

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Got Eggs? No.

I put in an almost full day in the grow room yesterday adding another six or seven flats of seeds and doing some transplanting.  I think at least an hour is spent watering/misting.  I hope we get tons of peppers from these little plants.  I'd like to be able to chop and freeze enough to last all winter plus make some good salsa.
Seriously?  I think they know where the garbage can is.  I'm pretty sure all were taught how to use it.  Why is it they cannot retain that information from day-to-day?  No, I'm not talking about the Wee People.  It's the Three Bigger People.  Arg!
During the worst and coldest winter months my dear husband gives me a three month break from caring for the animals.  Yesterday, I realized I can no longer use cold as an excuse to be lazy so I took back over the animal care. I swept the entry to the coop out and Homer is right, the sawdust was awful.  I need to take the vacuum out and give the furnace a once-over.  The buffs are the girls that Wendy gave me when they didn't work out at her house.
That's my Royal Palm hen who lost her mate to the ravens when they were first moved outside last Spring.
The black hen is one of the few nasty naked old ones we were given that will never lay and needs to go. The white are my Light Brahmas and should be laying, but have no nest boxes. Hopefully they will by Sunday. The small black one in the middle is a Rosecomb and the fluffy one in the back is a Blue Silkie. I should have placed my Spring order already, but haven't gotten my act together.
Back to caring for Miss Daisy as well.  I love the animals and don't mind the work, I just don't do thirty below as well as Homer does. I'm lucky to have him for so many reasons.
"Maw, I need some shades!  The sun is bright!"
Hoping for a better day with the Teenagers With Attitude and Mouths To Go With It.  Yesterday, they were exhausting. I'm so glad Emily comes home today.  I can focus my attention on her and send Mr. Grumpy Gills to his room until he can be a Ray of Frickin' Sunshine.  Or something like that.

The to-do list is 101 things long.  I need a clone or three.  Snow needs shoveled, trees cut down, seeds planted, painting, building, baking, washing.... it's a mighty long list!  I'd better get moving on it. :)


Martha in PA said...

So many things made me chuckle... Really what can we do but laugh!!! I always tell my teen that she must have missed the day in preschool where they taught about trash cans!!! Oh and the attitude and Ray of Fricken sunshine!!!! Give us mom's of teens strength!!!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

How come Daisy doesn't have a friend? isn't she lonely?

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

If you figure out how to accomplish the cloning, please share!! I only have one Kid with Attitude and the Mouth To Go With It and she keeps me on my toes!! Sending prayers your way!!

Janie said...

Teenager as a Ray of F'n Sunshine?! Not! Don't think that's going to even happen.
Glad things have warmed up so you can get out and enjoy the animals and plants, in between doing all the work!