The White House

The White House

Friday, March 18, 2011

Broken, Riding and Rotten

Now imagine hours and hours of putting dreads in Nick's hair, spending time with Emily, playing with little people, planting, feeding the family, very little cleaning and then throw in a trip to the doctor's.  That is what Elijah does to the balance of nature. Some how he always finds a way to require hours of one-on-one attention at the busiest times in our lives. And really, this kid cannot catch a break. Well, I guess he did...literally.

So Wednesday, I abandoned Nick and his head to take Elijah into the clinic.  He hurt his hand on Sunday.  He thought it was just a sprain, but the pain wasn't getting better and he still couldn't use it.  After over two hours and x-rays it was determined he had a fracture.  The fracture was at the top on his thumb and possibly into the growth plate so they wouldn't cast it.  Instead he got a splint with instructions to see the orthopedic specialist in the event it needs surgery.  Seriously?  He can't even  break his hand without it being dramatic. 

Thursday morning we were off to the surgeon.  See the splint?  See the same clothes?  Something about Spring Break and not bathing go hand in hand.  (Ewww...stinky teenage boys).  After over two hours it is confirmed that there has been some movement.  A little slippage in the bones.  Guess what?  Now he wears the splint for another week while the swelling goes down.  If the bones don't move when the swelling goes down he'll get a cast next Thursday.  If the bones move then he'll have surgery and some pins put in.  So many thoughts running through my head. How will he go to school?  He has weight lifting, art and computer class that he won't be able to do. He has zero writing ability with his left hand.  Now what do we do about school?  My husband already works six days a week and this is going to be another huge bill for him to pay.  I'm not even sure we have the last "traumatic event" paid off.  Football camps start in two and a half months.  Will he be able to play?  Thank God I've raised a son that learns to roll with the mishaps because he gets more than his share. Ohhh, and I thought spending 2-3 hours a night helping with homework before Spring Break was time consuming.  Just wait until Monday and the new quarter starts!  One thing about my little angel...he loves me and realizes just how many hours in a day he needs me (more than my other four combined!!). 
Look at those rosy cheeks.  The kids have been out riding the sno-go in the yard.  Wednesday night, while I ratted, Em and The Little Ones were riding.  Last night The Littles were at it again and I caught a bit of it on tape.
We definitely need two machines.  Wish I had the one Nick had when he was little. These two argue the entire time they are driving.  After awhile it was pretty comical.  They rode until it was dark and then some. I watched for awhile, but had to go back to rolling dreads. *sigh*  (My Internet is so jacked up with over usage that it has taken over an hour to load a video to YouTube.  I'm just going to post the one of them together. So annoying.)

Today I had an outing planned with Nick, Olivia and Lucas, but had to cancel.  My stomach is rotten. I don't think I should venture far from the comforts of my home so today I am cleaning when I can stand and sitting when I think I'm going to throw up.  And do you have any idea how messy this house is after three days of dreads and broken hands?  Oh, and ya, the kid just got out of chores...again.  I hope to perk up soon as I have planting to do.  You can check out how things are going at my gardening  blog. So glad to have the Wii on days like today as the kids are entertained while I moan and groan.


Tara said...

omigosh, in that top pic he looks SO like Lucas!! I pray he doesn't need any surgery and that he heals quickly!!

Gail said...

Speedy recovery for both of you.

Janie said...

A shame about the broken hand. Hope it heels without surgery.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Hope you feel better and your son heals and the rest stay out of trouble. lol