The White House

The White House

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Relaxing Work

I have to get back in the photo taking mood.  Life passes so quickly.

Elijah had a friend spend the night on New Year's Eve.  Then, after snow skating yesterday, he brought three home to stay last night.  I just love having all those boys around.  They sure know how to make us laugh. Plus, we had the bonus of visiting with two of the families so it's been a full house.

Can you believe it warmed up to the +30's after all that cold?  Crazy weather.  The girls spent a little time out this afternoon.  It really does look blue when the sun is going down.
The boys carried some Sheetrock upstairs and Homer got the end wall done in "Emily's" room.  This really isn't her forever room as that one is at the other end of the house and will be bigger, but she can have this room for now.  Later it will become a guest room.  The boys went snow skating again today so by the time they got back we were done working for the night.  Tomorrow night they'll give Dad a hand with the ceiling.  After that some mud and tape, paint, lay the carpet and in she'll move. :)  Another busy week!
Tonight we snuggled in and watched a movie. Of course, I was knitting while watching...can't just sit there!  Emily's new bedroom set is colorful just like her personality.
We even went through a couple of closets, did laundry, had girl time, watched football, several loads of laundry, loads of dishes, played with animals.... how did we fit so much into today?  Not sure because it didn't feel busy.

It's quiet now.  The eight kids we had here is now down to  five with two asleep and two watching a movie in their room.  Just me and Em getting ready to hit the sack. Having everyone home hanging out with me has been very nice the last few days.  I'll sure miss them when they go back to school on Tuesday.  I'm sure Lucas will, too.  (And I'm pretty sure they'll miss me :)


Queen-Size funny bone said...

you always sound like your days must be 36 hours long. You always accomplish so much and spend plenty of time with your family.

Lisa L said...

hi there! lots of good wishes from hawaii.. i know you're going through some stuff.. things seem really lovely at the moment at your house (as i read your blog) is 7.45pm on the 3rd...

Janie said...

I love that blue light in the first photo. Nice to have some unexpected warm(er) weather.