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The White House

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Are We Having Fun Yet?

It is -29.2 below zero at my house right now.  Fairbanks has been in a deep freeze for so long now.  I looked back through the data and it looks like November 29th was the first day of minus temperatures both day and night. Except for December 3rd and 4th when it warmed up to 10 and 13 above during the day we have been in the minus temps every single day and night.  I do believe we have proven ourselves to be some of the toughest people around so ENOUGH ALREADY!!!  This isn't fun anymore.  I am tired of being cold.  My kids would like to play outside. It appears that the ten-day forecast is much of the same so relief is not in sight.  You can go here Our Weather to see those daily temps for yourself. My husband is at work right now were it is -38 and I am sure there are people in low-lying areas that have -45* right now.  Can you say brrrr?!!

So how does one smile when they are freezing?  By watching Lucas sword fight with his cousin Justise on the Wii.  Check out that flying leg!!


FlowerLady said...

You have to be tough to put up with those extremely cold temps.

I clicked to watch the video and the following popped up. "This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, plese make sure you accept the sender's friend request."

If I don't chat with you again, have a wonderful Christmas filled with love, laughter, good food, while making sweet memories.


RottenMom said...

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I want to see the flying leg but it says the video is private. Do I need to know the special top secret handshake?

Queen-Size funny bone said...

thats too funny well he's sure moving around so that should keep him warm

Martha in PA said...

I just can't imagine those temperatures. I've been unhappy because it has been below freezing much of the past couple weeks, but still in double digits.

Lucas is too funny. Like Tammy said, it helps to stay warm!

I hope you have wonderful family moments to make you laugh and smile for Christmas!

Gail said...

I cannot even imagine how cold that is!!!

FlowerLady said...

Gayle ~ That video is so cute. Lucas is really moving fast and furious.