The White House

The White House

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beautiful Fall Weather

The dogs were bark, bark, barking at something in the woods yesterday so I went to investigate. This little woodpecker sure was making a lot of noise flitting from tree to tree in search of a meal.

Lucas was my little shadow yesterday helping with all the chores. We've finally measured the sunflower and it is 7'5" tall. It isn't the biggest one in town, but it sure has the cutest little boy standing under it!

When it was cool and rainy I picked all the asters for in the house. Now a whole bunch more have bloomed! I love these flowers and am so glad I gave them a try. I'll definitely grow more next year.

After one pass I could tell it was going to be a lot of work especially since it was wet.

Finally finished.

Going, going....

...gone. I like that they are so relaxed in my lap.

Curious turkeys.

I love the look of the Silver Seabrights.
Rupert and Giselle.

Homer fills our lives full of quotes from movies. He's silly like that.
"Hello, Smelliot". {laughs at his own joke and then says} "I called him Smelliot".
That would be Ian from Open Season. After one quote in his best deep voice my show turkey has now become Giselle....Elliots girlfriend. Now we need an Elliot.

Last night we took a walk with our three youngest. It's just been beautiful the last couple of days. If you look closely you can see Millie at Dad's feet. I really think she's going to be a great dog.

For some reason I didn't take photos last night after this, but should have. Elijah had Louie, Swede and David over for the night, Nick stopped in for a little bit on his way to Luke's, Tisha came up with Justise and Jadyn and Jen came up with her daughter Allison and her boyfriend Caleb. Homer had to go to bed early, but the rest of us visited by the fire until 3:00am! I can't believe it got that late on us.

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