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The White House

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Football and Birthdays

The Monroe Rams hosted the Delta Huskies Saturday at 1:00pm The weather cooperated and was quite sunny. Elijah is #12 in the lower left corner. He almost caught the bobbled ball, but it finally juggled out of his hands, too.

We were up 7-0 then with 4 minutes left in the 2nd when there was an interception thrown and we went down 8-7 going into half time. Our boys didn't give up though and in the 3rd the game was tied 14-14. We finally pulled ahead and won 28-14. With about 1:30 left in the game Elijah got to go in and play quarterback (he plays defensive corner, special teams, very little offensive line and back-up qb). That was so cool. He only got 3 hand-off, one incomplete pass and one completed pass. Then time ran out. The Rams got their first win of the season. We are now 1-1 in our conference and 1-2 overall.
Nick stayed home with the little ones. When I got home they wanted to swim. The water is pretty chilly (it gets down to low 40's at night), but they went for it anyhow.

Ummm, hello? Millie you wouldn't be chewing on a life jacket, would you?

Who me? I'm completely innocent.

No to the boots as well dear.

They wanted their photo taken because as Olivia said, "I am beautiful and Lucas is handsome". Yes, they are.

He won't be able to do that much longer.

These sunflowers are from seeds that fell out of the feeder next to Homer's welder. I can't believe one bloomed!

Last night we had Elijah's friends Tyler, Miaya and Jackie spend the night. Yes, two are girls. Yes, we have other rooms for them to stay in. Tyler's parents and one brother also came over and we had a fire until late into the night. It was a really good time, but needless to say it was a very laid back day. My only accomplishments were to mow the lawn and take Olivia to get gym shoes because she has her first day of Kindergarten tomorrow.

Today was Homer's 48th birthday. I made him spinach and Parmesan baked tomatoes, steak, corn on the cob, baked potato and shrimp (there were a lot more shrimp than you see here). I wanted to have a big birthday bbq with all our friends to celebrate, but it just isn't something we can afford. There's a multitude of bogus reasons that I won't get in to, but life has become a struggle to just survive. I know it is the same for many people across this country so I try not to become frustrated, but that isn't always easy.

Olivia is tucked into bed. I don't believe she has ever gone to bed at 8:00 at night, but morning will be here soon. The boys and I are going to watch a movie with Dad, and then head to sleep ourselves. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Olivia is going to have a blast in kindergarten!! Poor Lucas is going to be very lonely. Will he start next year? Yes, the are both very beautiful/handsome!! That little Millie is a charmer as well! Happy B-lated Bday to Homer! You made an amazing meal for him and your family!

Lori Skoog said...

Happy Birthday Homer! You made a great dinner Gayle. The yard looks positively gorgeous. Olivia will have such a great time when she starts school.

Rob said...

Ha ha - there's no way Millie would do anything like chew on something, she is way too innocent! Your lawn looks nice. Vicki makes the same as you did with the Tomatoes but she uses mushrooms, I will have to tell her about the Tomatoes although she probably already knows.

Tara said...

I hope Homer had a fabulous birthday! Wish him well from all us Texas Doyles :)

Praying all is well with you.

Patty said...

Gosh puppies are so darn cute!