The White House

The White House

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pathetic Post

This will be a short pathetic post of yesterday's adventures mainly because I forgot to take photos, but also because it wasn't all that exciting of a day.

I spread mulch on a couple of the flower beds and then got rained out. Honestly, I think it will snow before I get all the beds planted!

The rest of the afternoon was spent on my de-hoarding project. It's all so very embarrassing, but I'm gutsy and besides, I don't think you're going to judge me based solely on the fact that I'm messy. Are you? I'm sure I have some good qualities under all this clutter!

There should be six bedrooms upstairs. There are four. Only one is actually finished being remodelled. Sort of. It's been six years. We are kind of slow at this. Life keeps getting in the way, but that's okay. I'd rather live life than live in a done house.

This room was actually far worse that the photo indicates. There were books and toys and clothes and dress-up stuff everywhere. One bag of garbage, one load of laundry, two boxes of stuff to give away and play clothes stored in a tote. All that is left in this room is 3 beds, the car bed minus a mattress, a three-drawer dresser and a small table for the alarm clock. If I get rid of every thing in this house it has to stay clean, right?

This room also has a huge walk-in closet that I cleaned and a full-bathroom that was ripped up for remodelling, ummmm, 3 years ago. It has become a storage area, but today I will empty it and maybe this winter it will be put back together. One can hope.

Eventually this room will get sheet rock, paint, new windows and carpet. It will be Olivia's room. We figure a teenage girl will need her own bathroom more than I need a master bedroom with a bath. I'll take one of the little rooms, but until then we share it with her and Lucas.

The rest of the evening was spent not working. Seems like we've done a lot of that lately. Guess I'm sick of working all day and all night. Dad and I went to Chili's for a few hours of adult time. Then we met the basketball team at the school to get my child and van back. Elijah's JV team went 10-0 to be crowned the champions. Woohoo! In one game he scored 22 points and made four 3-pointers in a row! The varsity team split 5-5 in their games.

After dropping the van at home and visiting with Andrew for awhile we went to the Golden Eagle Saloon down in Ester. It's a very local rustic bar where everyone knows your name if you know what I mean. It's the kind of place where guys bring their guitars and sit on the porch playing. We stayed way way to late listening to them. *I've spent two hours trying to upload a video and I give up!*

Well, I've been totally lazy all day so I suppose I should do something. Or not.


Janie said...

Clean up is a constant battle with kids around. Sounds like you're making progress.

Glad you spent an evening without working. Even the mom of a busy house deserves a little down time.

Tara is: said...

hey, decluttering feels great, doesn't it!? I've missed you too. We had a privacy issue, (suspected a man of stalking GraceAnne) and I turned into a serious hermit for a while. I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things, but it will never be as open as it was. I'm hoping to have my blog be by invite only, but we shall see. I've still been following you, though, and love watching the kids enjoy summer :D