The White House

The White House

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Part Two

I've been doing so much the last few days on so little sleep that today I finally slept in and am taking some time to blog. My body needs the rest.

I turned all this dirt with a shovel, added what little compost I have ready, tilled it in and smoothed out the beds. All ready for planting!

That came to two wheelbarrow's full. It's got a few big leaves from Fall, but they won't hurt anything.

There is no one on earth more appreciative of a home-cooked meal than my dear husband. This was his Monday surprise...grilled vegetables, shrimp and beef each in a different kind of marinade. Turned out great.

Progress with helpers is slow, but rewarding.

Daisy is so dumb, she's a hoot.

I was busy hauling too heavy logs to stock pile when I took the wrong route and came to a stand still. Had to wait for Nick to get home and cut up the trees in front of me so I could continue on.

While I waited to get my trailer back I cleaned up the pen and packed the pallets over for more compost bins.

I need to tackle that bank and the ditch line around the corner, but that keeps falling further down my priority list.

Yesterday I watered the front yard. This morning it was snowing. Very tiny flakes that went away, but snow none-the-less.

Graphic and gross, but since most of my readers have kids I'm sure you can deal. Lucas shoved a Battleship Peg up his nose. Way up his nose. He was hysterical. Screaming, running from me, wrestling me when I tried to remove it. We had to go to the ENT Clinic where he laid on the table like an angel smiling at the doctor as he shoved pliers up his nose. He made me look like an idiot. I made it through four kids without such an incident. What else does #5 have in store for me?

Really, have you met a happier child? I think not.

I would like to know who put all this crap in my greenhouse? And who replanted the dead tomatoes that I am positive I cleaned out and put in the compost bin? Ug! Another big chore. This Fall will someone remind me to NOT do this again.

There's the start of my wood pile. I enjoy physical labor...makes me feel good...but those big green birch were too heavy!

Nick still has studded tires on his car. They should have been off a long time ago. Dad is teaching him where to put the blocking so he can take the tires to the shop and have them switched on the rims. I hope we don't have anymore toys-in-the-nose emergencies today because I won't have a car.

There you have it. All caught up. Sort of. I've also done some transplanting and planting and paper pot making that has been quite time consuming. We also cut a few other trees down. I'll wait until we are done with that project to share. Spring is one busy time of year. And my favorite.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

the stuff you accomplish blows me away

RottenMom said...

The blood? Been there done that, only it was a sticker and my Olivia.