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The White House

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back in the Figurative Saddle

I haven't been blogging much lately. There is a reason, but I just haven't talked about it. I suppose it is time.

My husband's ex-wife's father is a lurker here. I've given this some thought and can't come up with a legitimate reason as to why me or my children would be of interest. It's been almost seven years since the split due to immoral and illegal actions none of which my husband was party to. It was an ugly situation that didn't exactly foster any further family relations so logically our life should be of no interest him.

With that said I knew he was a lurker. As well as some others. There are lots of ways to track such activities. While I found it pathetic at best it didn't control my actions. That is until he threatened by email to post on my blog if my husband did do what he wanted him to do when he wanted him to.

That pissed me off.

I have been fairly civil the last six+ years. I raised some sweet kids, for awhile, who thrived under my care. I ignored the constant harassment. I haven't blogged any of it. I don't point anyone in the direction of court records. I don't divulge all their nasty family "secrets". I don't talk about the calls, letters, legal stuff that has invaded our home every single week for six+ years and still does. I have been civil even as they poison the minds of beautiful children against their father who now has a permanent hole in his life where they once laughed, loved and lived and brothers and sisters have become lost to one another.

I don't do well with threats. Whether you are 60 or 16 being a bully is never a becoming personality trait. And it makes me laugh. So I paused from posting to give it some thought. Too much thought because it was so obvious it didn't hit me until today.

Allowing my ideas, thoughts, actions, creativity, joy to be even remotely controlled by people who are of no consequence is a waste of life. I must get on with life before it slips away. I suggest they all so the same.

So with a little annoyance I can track web activity. I can put invisible digital watermarks on my photos. I can moderate comments. Hell, I can even decide to quit being civil. You never know.

For today we'll skip ahead and get on with this great thing called life.....

This is Olivia with Ruby. Ruby has gone to live with a new family, filling the void Freddy Joe left when he passed. (We sold her FJ from Roxie's second litter). Ruby really didn't belong to anyone currently living in our home, but we did love her just the same. I know some of you may not understand letting a dog go to another family once it has lived a year (Molly) or two years (Ruby) in your home, but for me it makes perfect sense. I'm a giver. Always have been sometimes more than I should. Making others happy...doing the right thing...has always come first, and that is what gives me pleasure. So while we miss Ruby I also know she is being showered with attention and providing love to someone who needs it more than I do. I'm already loved by the truckloads!

Things are growing away in the yet-to-be finished plant room. *sigh* There are only so many hours in the day. Tomorrow you'll see a big change.

Cute story about this lily. It bloomed the day after I took this photo. Olivia touched it and a petal fell off. She felt bad so all on her own tried to fix it. With a stapler. I love that girl.

Last night we had the opportunity to go to the Business Leader of 2010 banquet where Homer's boss was being honored. What an event! Lots of big business names, community leaders and politicians. And us.

Fancy snacks, dinner, dessert, great coffee and fun company. Plus, we had the best table in the house so it was perfect.

There were almost 400 people at this sold out event (at $75 a head!). That's a shot of half the room. I should have taken more photos, but I was busy soaking it all in.

Connie and Bernie Karl, owners of Chena Hot Springs Resort, K&K Recycling and a slew of other business adventures. Great people!!

So my darling and I dressed up and had some fun. When we got home Nick and Hallie were entertaining the little ones playing kings, queens, knights and swords. Such fun! We visited until too late, and now here I am today. Back to blogging. Back to living life with free abandon. Okay, that just sounded silly! :)

Let me just say I'll be sharing a lot more of our little corner of Alaska and all the fun in our lives because as Bernie says...there are no bad days.


Tink *~*~* said...

It's fun to get dressed up and go all fancy once in a while :) Glad you had some fun!


FlowerLady said...

Bless your heart Gayle. You have such an upbeat, positive spirit in spite of the bad that happens.

May things go more peacefully.

I'm sure Ruby will make the other family very happy, and she will be loved by them. You and your family raised her in love from her birth.

You sure have a lot of seedlings and I look forward to seeing your gardens this year.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Stace said...

Wow! Wow! WOW! Look at your plants!!! I am horrible at starting plants under lights...they get all straggly and sickly looking. I did manage to get some tomatoes and eggplants and melons started that are looking awesome right now..hopefully I don't kill them between now and when I can transplant.
I'm glad to see you back, I miss reading your posts...:)
P.S. LOL at Olivia trying to staple the petal back on...too funny!

RottenMom said...

Amen my Alaskan sister!!! Live Free!! And yes you are loved by the truckloads of your bloggy friends too! Gotta love Olivia and her stapler, so sweet!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

some people have no happiness in their lives so they try to make others as miserable. DO NOT LET THEM.

anymommy said...

And life, especially your life, is fun. I'm so glad you took it back.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Sorry to hear the troubles of you and your lurker. Too bad some folks can't just let go of the past and move on. Maybe you could borrow Olivia's stapler and shut them up for a bit?? Just kidding, but you know, I'm happy to see you move past it and are posting again. Got to love Olivia's ingenuity!! Glad that you had a nice time out on the town as well!! Heads up!! Cheers to you!!

Tootie said...

I'm happy to see that your Spring is just around the corner, and that you will be all prepared with the flowers waiting. :)

You are absolutely right, there are soooo many happy things in life to occupy our minds, there's just no need to dwell on things that bring us down. I feel very sad for those who are not smart enough to figure that out on their own, and just keep living a miserable and unproductive life. Just keep smiling my friend!

Amanda said...

I love the fancy party! I wish we had something like that! But DH pry wouldn't want to go! LOL!

As far as you DH's Ex FIL. Poop on him. Who cares what he has to say, who cares if he comments? Because you know what, we all love you, and DH, and KNOW that whatever has been done is in the past, and it won't affect how we feel about you now and in the future! I wish I could give you strength & wisdom to stomp the trolls out!

Just know that your FAITHFUL readers are here, and are not lurkers! (oh, and how do you track that? I wanna know! LOL You can email me how if ya have time! :) )


Patty said...

((((( Gayle )))))

Love the stapler story! can picture it in my mind!