The White House

The White House

Monday, February 1, 2010


In the last few days there has been a little bit of work going on around here. I pulled all these small totes off the storage shelves to make room for the bigger totes still left from Christmas. (That view doesn't even show all the totes of "stuff" I have!). Inside I found things like a cast from when Elijah broke his arm when he was 11 months old. He's now 14. Hmmm. There were blankets and gowns they came home from the hospital in as well as soccer jersey's and birthday cups and plates. I SAVE EVERYTHING!! Oh, and more buckets of stuffed animals. Seriously. I bet we have 200 stuffed animals and I can't seem to give them away. What the hell is wrong with me?!~

All the little white totes were carried upstairs. The first photo is of the stuff that was carried downstairs. The second is of the stuff we are currently carrying downstairs. (If you go up or down you are expected to carry something.'s outside and 80 steps!). All this remodelling is involving taking half the upstairs downstairs and half the downstairs upstairs. What a pain!

Today I tackled part of the abandoned kitchen. Our kitchen was upstairs and then we moved it downstairs. I used the space for potting plants and made a mess I never cleaned. So much stuff! Now we can rip out all that you see and build walls to make Nick a bigger bedroom. (Dad and I will move into his little room).

Last night Dad and I went to Home Depot and picked up 2x4's for the ceiling in the "other room". It's a 26X30' room that was going to be the living room, but we have decided (just last night) to have it house a kitchen, bathroom, grow room, dining area, wood stove and dog kennel. The living room will now be in the garage. The garage will be no more. In the crappy photo Dad is on a scaffolding screwing the boards to big steel I-beams. This is what the sheet rock will screw to. Not an easy or quick task.

Yes, we sure do work around here. Keep reading and see the beauty of the place, and the fun we have!


FlowerLady said...

May the work you and your DH do go smoothly and relatively quickly. You sure have a lot ahead of you. It's nice that you work together too remodeling your home for your family.

It is hard to get rid of stuff.

I'm off to read your other two posts.


gpc said...

That man works so hard, he really is a treasure! You are a saver, for sure, but you're so organized that no one could criticize you!

Janie said...

I hang onto stuff, too, way too much. If all of the boxes in the garage vanished, I'd never miss any of that junk, but I can't throw it away!
The scaffolding job looks scary to me.

Stace said...

can I borrow some of your ambition?? I still don't have the windows in my "bedroom"...and I'm reallly tired of sleeping in the living room :-P lol
Doesn't it feel good to be getting stuff done though? I love it when things start coming together and my "to-do" list gets a little shorter :)

a said...

too funny!! we were at home depot last night, too! guess i should post pix of our projects too, huh?

Martha in PA said...

Lots of work! Don't talk to me about stuffed animals. We have over 170 Webkinz that currently reside in Tara's bedroom, and there are bags of over 30 Build A Bear animals, and many Disney stuffed animals from our time in FL. Those all have some kind of event or sentimental value attached to them! We got rid of boxes of unimportant ones prior to moving!

You are doing a great job!