The White House

The White House

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow, Ice and Grow Room

Remember that unseasonably warm weather I was having? Well, all that really happens is a little snow melts, makes a puddle and then freezes into an iceberg in front of the door that I have to scurry around four hundred and one times to go in and out to get up and down the stairs!

Then, as if to mock me, Mother Nature spreads a little dusting of snow over the ice puddles.

Now it's like trying to navigate a mine field. If I fall and hurt my back you will hear me all the way Outside! You know, in the Lower 48. (Ah, I mean the Continental U.S.)

I love the wood heat however the novelty of chopping wood has wore off. Completely.

Look...I have an angel at my house. Really, I live with six angels, but who is counting?

Miss Olivia said, "Mama, you look pretty with snow in your hair". She's the number one angel.

While the children were sledding Daisy was having a fit. She wanted out of her pen to be closer to us. Wouldn't that be a sight for passing cars? Me, chasing a sheep, dodging ice puddles. Not a chance. And please don't say, "Awww, she is so cute". If you could smell her you would not say that. Trust me.

Four puppies had a bath. That is so much work! What there are only three? That's because Ruby was in a kennel. Immediately upon being released from the towel she jumped up on the chair and peed. Honestly, what the hell was wrong with the floor? I've worked with her for two years and nothing has changed. I'm going to have to find her a home that can tolerate dog pee on the furniture because I just can't do it anymore.
My wonderful husband is getting my grow room put together. First he put some boards on the ceiling (remember the scaffolding?). Next we needed to paint the walls white to reflect the light. Of course, I had helpers.

I let them mess around until they got bored and then I got out the roller.

Then I got tired and went to bed.

I finished up the next night. Let me tell you, I am so sick of painting these bricks. It began with two coats of sealer put on by the boys. Then I painted two coats of the beige. Now I added another two coats of white. Boring. Next Dad will run the electric in the ceiling and put up the shelving. A wall will be built to enclose the room. The ceiling and other wall will be covered with white dry erase board (you know, like in a shower wall...I don't know what it is called). I will have lights and shelf space for 180 flats with the potential to add space for 60 more if I find I need it. For those of you who live where you can just plant your seeds outside and have them actually grow this may seem strange. Our only frost free time is June, July and August so getting a start now is the only way the plants grow big enough to flower. Greenhouse prices are way out of my price range for the number of plants I need to fill my beds. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Elijah had the most outstanding game of basketball tonight...the one night I don't take my camera or video camera. I have to admit it was nice to just sit and watch for a change. Anyhow, he kept his cool and played like a beast. He threw down 23 points and had about 15 rebounds. It was an awesome win for sure. Next week is the end-of-season tournament. It should be a good showdown.

Well, four of the kiddos are tucked in, and I'm waiting for Lucas to wear down. He feel asleep this evening and has a big second wind. Just finished frosting cupcakes for Elijah to take to school and share at lunch with his friends. It's after midnight and I'm so tired.....


FlowerLady said...

You are going to really enjoy your grow room. I loved the pictures of your helpers. I look forward to seeing this room filled with flats of growing seedlings. Your gardens are always so flower filled.

That is a sweet picture of you with snow in your hair.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

My goodness, you've been busy! Nice that you had a little help. When we remodeled our kitchen we let Samantha write all over the walls before they came down. She was just tickled!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

pretty soon it will be like a professional nursery

Snowbird said...

Can't wait to see your flower beds again. I'm sure you can't either!

OK, so how warm is the room the kids were painting? They are barefoot and the guys have jackets on. Hmmm.