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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Real More

Once upon a time before I accepted the challenge of raising three children who needed a mom and before having two more children of my own I once was a mother of three. Back before that time of eight children I was a mom who did more. The real more. When I accepted the responsibility of raising more children...children who would be cautious of me, then love me with all their heart, then turn on me like I was the devil...back when I accepted that responsibility I took on more homework, more school conferences, more sports. There were more hockey teams, birthdays, snotty noses, ballet lessons, motorcycles, Girl Scouts, pets and meals. There really was more, but not always the real more.
Once upon a time I used to do the little things. To me the little things are what really make life memorable. Obviously, the endless hours I gave to homework, hockey and friendships wasn't enough. It's the real more...things like having the time to pick up their room out of love instead of sending the child to clean it. Or starting their shower in the morning so it is already hot when they get in. It's things like homemade cookies and sewing Halloween costumes. The real more is love notes in your lunch.
When Nick, Elijah and Emily were little I would tuck a hand-written notes in their lunch often printed on a photo of one of their favorite characters. I have missed doing that kind of more.
Three of our children have decided the life we provided them wasn't enough so they left. Two of our children have grown from babies to little people who help with their care. Three of our children are the same great kids they've always been. Life is different. Life has time for the real more.
Tomorrow, Emily will get a love note from me with a knock-knock joke or a riddle to share with her friends at lunch. Tomorrow, Emily will be reminded how much she is loved.
Tomorrow, Emily will get the real more.
Did you find time for the real more in your day?
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Denise Marie said...

Hey, if you are in Fairbanks...then my brother is a neighbor. Scott Davidson

FlowerLady said...

Bless your heart, for giving from your heart. As a kid, to hear from your parents that you are loved and special means a LOT.

Love and hugs to you for all that you do for your family.


anymommy said...

It's so hard sometimes, but I think I sneak it in there, at least often enough.

Emily is a lucky little girl.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I did stuff like this all the time because I thought it made a difference. i still do it now and then even though they are old enough to be gone. when they were little my gestures were considered cute. Now they say I'm weird....what they don't understand is I do it for me as much as i do it for them.

RottenMom said...

I understand your post completely. I only have 3 children and I sometimes feel that the last one out gets less of the "really nice me". I am really aware of it lately and I am trying to make sure that I do as much for him as I did/do for the older two.

I wrote lunch notes to all of my kids. My oldest two packed until highschool. The youngest until last year. They would bring the notes home and I ended up saving them. I have all of the Lunch Notes from over the years saved and put away.
We love to pull them out and read them. Funny how these little notes I wrote tell our family history. Moves,our dog dying,encouragement to stand up to a bully, upcoming trips. They're all in the lunchnotes.

Your kids are very lucky to have you, you are a really good Mom Gayle.

Stace said...'re such a good mom :)
I bought white, color on paper bags for Lyli, and occasionally I'll color a little picture on one and send her snack to school in it..she loves it. :)