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The White House

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Morning Visitor

I was up early, drove Elijah to school and was back home to bed. The family that never gets sick is sick. I should have kept my big mouth shut. Anyhow, I was woke from my slumber by the dogs going nuts. I looked out the window and this young guy was in the yard face-to-face with Daisy the Sheep who was so excited to have company. My camera was downstairs, of course, so I had to run outside, past the moose who wasn't that close to me, get the camera and snap a couple shots. In the meantime, a truck spooked him away from Daisy so I missed that cool shot. And the one where he stuck his head in the greenhouse. My guess is that he hasn't been away from his mom too long because he was really jumpy and easily spooked.

The rest of my day was spent resting, sleeping and resting some more. I have zero energy and a cough. Bah! When Dad got home we went down to Elijah's school for a First Friday art show. That's Elijah's drawing of eraser heads. He is not an artist nor will he probably ever be since he doesn't enjoy it. Art isn't for everyone.

After checking out the artwork we went to Food Factory - dad was being funny - for a bite before the Monroe vs Tok hockey game. Monroe (Elijah's school) beat Tok (where I grew up) 7 to 0.

There's Elijah in the yellow and red plaid shirt that he stole from his brother sitting with some of the high school basketball team. We sat on the other side of the rink since parents are uncool.

After the game it was home to bed. Spent most of the night coughing and got very little sleep. Up at 7:00am to take Elijah in to detention from 8-10am. That's the great thing about private school...they can have detention whenever they want and punish the parents, too!

Today we are working on school work and cleaning the house for Super Bowl Sunday. Emily got back from her vacation to Arizona on Thursday, but I haven't got to see her yet. Apparently, the two week-two week trade off we agreed on has been changed without so much as a phone call. I guess her dad has decided we are doing a 3-week exchange which means she'll miss Nick's birthday party tomorrow to do something important like jump on the trampoline which is the reason she missed her own mother's birthday party. Feeling a bit snarky after no sleep. And it's time for me to quit being so nice. Nice guys do finish last.

I'm off to help the boys with their homework and go grocery shopping. It warmed up to +10 at my house so it is safe to venture outside! :)


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

If you have to be woken from a nap, that young moose would be the reason to do it. I just love moose. They seem so big and mellow, though I know they can be very fierce.

I hope Emily had a nice time down here. Yes, you need to stop being so nice. Emily should be home per the agreement, and for her brothers party.

Again, hoping you feel better soon!!

Janie said...

Great moose shots!
Sorry to hear about the sickness attack at your house. Hope it's over soon.

Denise said...

Wonderful capture of the young moose and I enjoyed your other photos also. Hope you're all back to good health real soon.

Stace said...

Look at that moose! I get excited to see a turkey on the lawn..I'd probably pee myself if I woke up to that ;P lol. Great pics :) I hope you got lots of rest and are feeling better!!

Emily said...

Yuck. I'm sorry you are sick. That's no fun. Very cool moose pictures though...

Tara is: said...

i don't know if this is true or not, but i have heard and read that if you put vicks vapo rub on your feet and wear socks to bed that your cough will go away during the night. i haven't tried it yet, but it'd be worth a shot! if you try it, tell me how it works.