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The White House

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Emily's Day Out

When you have multiple children it isn't always easy to find one-on-one time. Yesterday, was Emily's day. Our first stop was Sam's Sourdough for lunch. This restaurant burned down last summer and just reopened. It was always a wonderful place to go. They had the same waitresses for 10+ years. When they rebuilt they made it a little bigger and hired some new employees. Not such a good thing. We were seated with water and a menu. Then our waitress disappeared. She had three other tables in her section, and none of us saw her again. After 15 minutes we got up and left. I've done this line of work off and on for twenty+ years. I understand busy, but you get your customer a cup of coffee or something. When we left, she was standing visiting with another employee. I won't be going back.

After a quick stop at Play-It-Again Sports to pick up a meager check for all the hockey gear we sold, we went to JoAnn's. Emily wanted a couple small photo albums.

Then we gave Brewster's a try. Two waitress with about 40 people in the building and we had our order taken and beverages within 8 minutes. Perfect!

Em had the grilled cheese with smiley fries, and I had a grilled chicken salad.

After lunch we went to the Bentley Mall. I really don't think "mall" is an accurate description, but it's what we have.

Emily tried on lots of shoes....

and settled on these.

We met Dad at Home Depot and had some free popcorn. Picked up some potting soil, and then headed to Valu Village so see what we could find.

This is one of the tops Emily got for summer. We had fun, but they didn't have a lot of good deals. Yellow tags were half off, but you couldn't find any yellow tags. They were all blue. I bet if you went in there today, blue tags would be half off and they'd all be green.
Yes, she only has one foot painted. She never got around to doing the other.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

She looks lovely!! What a cute top!!

FlowerLady said...

She is a lovely young lady. I just love those shoes, something I'd wear. Her top is sweet too. She's growing up fast.

It's nice that you got to have a time on your own together.


Lori Skoog said...

Emily is beautiful. Nice that you could spend time together.

gpc said...

My word, if that child is just one tenth as sweet as she looks, she has it made!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gayle, you know Daisy would be in seventh heaven if you gave her to someone who has other sheep,,,also then you wouldn't have to deal with her this summer,,,we only have so many hours in a day and need to ration them carefully,,,love aunt sandy

Snowbird said...

Looks like a fun day. And I don't blame you for leaving the restaurant. Ridiculous! I love the new summer top. That is so adorable.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Beautiful young lady. the dress looks great on her.

patty said...

Sounds like a great day!