The White House

The White House

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Small Offering

I've been crazy busy. Or maybe just crazy, but either way I haven't been blogging. I wouldn't want anyone to lose interest so I'm giving you a small offering of the past week. There is so much more, but I'm tired.

I put a tree outside. It was supposed to be purple. It is pink. It fell over several times and now the lights are all jacked up. I have to do tree repair tomorrow.

Here's one of the trees in the house. It is 9.5 feet. We'll have another "Charlie Brown" tree for Emily to put all the homemade decorations on. One can never have too many trees.

We really need more snow. The Wee People have worn out the hill and are sliding on grass.

Ahhh, rosy cheeks.

Yes, it really is that dark. We've had wonderfully warm weather (it's almost +20 right now) so the little ones like to go out. Even in the dark. They ran back and forth laughing so hard. It really was fun even for me, the snow hater.

Since he was just a little boy Nick has put buckets on his head. Not sure why, but it's amusing. If it wasn't 1:15am I would dig out some old photos, scan them and show you. You'll have to take my word for it.

Doesn't the sun make the tops of the trees look like they are on fire?

Elijah went to Birch Hill snowboarding last weekend. It was snowing so hard, but he had a good time.

Roscoe...the wild savage beast! It really does look blue during a certain time of the day.

Isn't he handsome? He was dressed up for a dance at school. Very dashing in his bow tie (and original!).

Today I worked so hard putting my house back together. I'm still not done. By evening I was beat and we just relaxed watching movies. Doesn't every 4-year old need her toes done? :)


Lori Skoog said...

Thanks for the update. You are super busy as usual. Beautiful trees!

Martha said...

Your tree is beautiful, and I love the outside one too! As always, your kids are adorable, especially with the rosy cheeks. We got snow in PA yesterday, JUST enough to cover the ground and it will be gone today, but it was beautiful while it was falling! Every girl needs her toes done!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I enjoy your photos so much. the trees are beautiful. I think Olivia is quite the diva. lol

Emily said...

I love the photos. The tree actually looks purple to me. And all the snow is beautiful. It was forcasted to snow here this weekend, but didn't. I kind of felt cheated.

Tara said...

awww, everything looks GREAT, Gayle!! You guys really do it all up, that's so awesome! This is our first year actually getting to do anything seriously, and we've been having fun.

Patty said...

The bucket head is funny, cause we have pictures of Jared with buckets on his head as a little guy too. How funny.

gpc said...

The trees look beautiful. You put me to shame (again).

Snowbird said...

My grandson would kill to be able to snowboard up there. He LOVES snowboarding.

Janie said...

Both the fiery light and the blue light look great - but I'm not sure I'd like the daytime darkness. At least the kids are enjoying it.
Great Christmas tree lights!