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The White House

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

tackle it Tuesday

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For Christmas I bought myself an XBox 360.

Now I know you thinking I meant to say "for the kids". Well, originally, that was the plan, but then there is the ownership issue. If we buy anything for our kids the very confused HEX thinks it belongs to her. Just ask her, she'll tell you everything in our home belongs to her. Not that she didn't disappear five and half years ago to return this past year and think she was going to pick-up where she left off. Sorry, life went on without you and everything we've purchased since your disappearance really does belong to us. So now we don't buy gifts for our kids. We buy gifts for ourselves and let them use them.

The great thing about the XBox is I can download Netflix movies to it. (I got the Elite with more memory just for that reason). Well, Christmas was a month ago so it's time to hook it up.

Here's the mess....'s all the cables to hook up....

...and here's the screen asking for my email to get rolling! Woohoo! I did it.

Of course, it wasn't this easy. I had to search for the cables in three different areas of the house. I had to move my desk to get the Internet connection where it would reach. I had the help of a two and four-year old. But we did it!
What did you tackle today?


Robyn said...

Great job! I am so not good at stuff like hard to figure what goes where. lol

Lori Skoog said...

Am I impressed or what????

Tink *~*~* said...

I tackled a huge, long-time problem in Corporate America. It fought back. We wrestled for a bit, and then went to our respective corners. But I saw my opponent shudder with relief when the bell rang, and flinch when I stared it in the eye. It knows I have friends. AND flying monkeys. And I'm not afraid to use them!

Tink *~*~*

Tara said...

Today I'm tackling switching my VERY unamused daughter from breastmilk to formula. She's NOT happy, I'm NOT happy, it's a fun day at the Doyle house! I think your Tuesday is much more productive and more fun!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I commend you on getting that Xbox hooked up yourself (especially with all that HELP you had!!) I am NOT an electronics person. Thank goodness my husband is!! I'm fine while everything is working. But when it's not - it's his turn!!

Today I'm waiting for the phone to ring. Does that sound like fun?? I absolutely HATE waiting. But I have several important calls that I'm quite anxious to get. But the phone hasn't rung yet!! In 15 minutes I pick my DD up from school (it's a half day today) and my hubby will sit here and WAIT FOR THE PHONE TO RING! Then I'm back on duty.... waiting .... as soon as I get home. I guess I should clean the house or something productive while I WAIT... Or maybe I'll just surf around and see what my blog buddies are up to! I've been MIA for a few days, after all!! Plus there's that V-Day project I could be finishing.... while I WAIT!!! Just ring dammit!! Oops!! Sorry!!

Anonymous said...

I hate the back of the TV or computer desk just because of all those cords!

stace41971 said...

I tackled the linoleum in the dining room. we've had a roll since this summer, but because my husband ahs never laid linoleum before and didn't know how to do just sat there..until yesterday when i finally pushed him into doing it. it almost didnt get done, but here i my dining room..with brand new linoleum..a huge step up from the painted plywood.
Cheers to you and your Xbox! thats quite a job..I hate wires lol. and your a nut job.

Jess said...

Wow! That's talent. I leave all the hooking stuff up jobs to my husband cause I'd screw the whole thing up!