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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Florida in 2005

(For my Florida Friends...)

Back in February of 2005 Homer and I took two of our boys and little Olivia (6 weeks old) to Florida on a hockey trip. If I remember right we stayed at the Sarasota Holiday Inn (Express?). We played at the Ellington Eels rink about 20 minutes away. Most of the team went to Busch Gardens and four players headed the other direction to the beach. Can you tell me where we are at?

That's my photos except for a few of the kids. This was before the new camera and my obsession with photographing everything so I don't have much of the trip, the hotel or the little village we walked through on the way to the beach. Could you imagine the photos I'd take now?!

I think that was the most amazing sunset I'd ever seen. Mountains block mine! I couldn't believe how many people showed up right before it set and then left. Oh, those warm beaches look so good right now!


Anonymous said...

Nick and Cody look sooo small in that picture.

Tink *~*~* said...

I know where that rink in Ellenton is - it's at the exit off I-75 where I always make my "bio break" pitstop on the way to Orlando. Also, I think it's funny that people showed up to the beach with jackets and long pants - but wait, here come the Alaskans in bathing suits and no shirts LOL!!!!! We do have great sunsets here. So glad you were able to come down and enjoy. Sarasota is probably an hour and 20 minutes north of where I am.

Tink *~*~*