The White House

The White House

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Projects Around the Yard

I transplanted the rose bushes from Aunt Carole and Uncle Larry into a bed in the front of the yard. They must be happy because they immediately began growing leaves. (I thought the goats had killed them).

This is the pond above the waterfall...

...this is the pond right now. I am in the process of taking all the rocks out and scrubbing it. We are taking the pond away from the ducks (they are just too messy) and giving it back to the kids (who had so much fun swimming in it). We'll have the coolest swimming pool in town! (One step forward, two steps back. Work, work, work.) Oh, note chickens OUTSIDE the fence by the road. Homer's working on their fence. They run away and they are eating my plants. Stinkers!

Olivia always wants to be my little helper.

Have you ever seen a happier little girl?

Look! Yesterday, Little Bantam chick poked a hole in his/her egg...

today, welcome to our world!
(I think all the duck/goose eggs are rotten. Ewww!)

Nick had his first soccer game last night. I spent two hours with the sun on my face relaxing while a bunch of high school boys ran around trash-talking and laughing. It was very entertaining.

Building new beds...

Ready for plants.

New bed...

...another new bed. I can't keep the grass alive where everyone cuts across it so I gave up!


Stace said...

Wow...I wish I had your yard, everything looks so nice..and I love your pond! I agree..ducks are messy.

Sandy M said...

WOW! You have been busy! Olivia seems to be a big helper! The duck pic coming out of the egg is awesome.