The White House

The White House

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Goats!

You never know when you look behind a tree....

what kind of surprise you'll find! (Duck eggs).

Dad is busy working on the "fence within a fence" that will seperate the goats and sheep from the ducks and geese.

After a long winter in the barn and the last month on a leash, Bob is about to be set free. (Note the chicken wire around the trees in an attempt to keep Bob from eating them).

So what is the first thing Bob does? He tries to eat the trees!

Woohoo! I can run!

Here I come!

Look out!

This is so much fun!

Get him, Billie!

Boy sleeps on floor, dog sleeps on pillow. Hmmm...


Sandy M said...

The duck eggs are so cute! My aunt used to have baby goats and they were so cute to watch and to pet. Awesome pics!
Had a light done down my throat at hospital today to take a look at my stomach, all was ok. Still haven't forgotten your list.

keturi/faro clan said...

very cute pics! I especially liked the two goats that looked like they were dancing!

Stace said...

awww! I love goats! I'd love to have a couple to help clean up the brush problems we have :-P Yay on the duck eggs...I think I lost all of mine...:-( That incubator makes me cranky. I hope your weather improves!