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The White House

Monday, April 14, 2008

Respect the Law

Remember my reference to (the authorities) a few days ago? Yesterday, Nick and Elijah were in town skateboarding with a friend. Cody finished his homework and wanted to meet them on his bike. We pulled up to the old Kmart (now an abandoned building) to find a City Cop and a State Trooper talking with my kids (and about eight other boys).

At that moment I wanted to turn around and go home.

I called Nick on his cellphone to get a feel for what was going on before I approached the authorities. It turns out some guy called in the kids for vandalizing the building (which they weren't doing). I suppose he didn't want a group of "hoodlums" congregating behind his apartment complex. They were told to disperse so I gathered up my crew and dropped them at the West Valley parking lot. With so many kids, teens and pre-teens, there is not a dull day in our lives! :)

Here's a little video Nick brought home...notice there isn't any snow...

Now for this morning....

Seven new inches of snow at our house...and it's still snowing! I'd say there probably won't be any more skateboarding for awhile.

Note the greenhouse far in the distance. Last night Homer and I put new plastic on the frame. We left a space heater going inside to thaw the ice. Good thing or it probably would have caved in last night.

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