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Friday, June 29, 2007

Another Beautiful Day

It's another beautiful day in Fairbanks. The sun shines brightly promising to be very warm. Before I get to watering all the new grass seed I wanted to finish getting my blog up-to-date.

More photos.....

June 15, 2007...Here the goose is perched on the ramp getting ready to take a dive into the pool. Won't they be happy when the big pond is done?

June 16, 2007...Olivia and Lucas in the garden....she loves to smile for the camera!

This is the beginning of the waterfall into the pond....still a lot to do before the liner can go in.

Lucas loves to slide....

Lucas with Roxie, and Rusty is in the bottom of the picture. This is their temporary pen. It's a long process...waiting for the grass to grow in the duck pen and the fence to go up. Then we move them out of where the dog yard will be, clean it up and put up a fence. Then they will finally have their home.

June 19, 2007...It was such a beautiful day we skipped working on the yard and went to Chena Lakes. Here Elijah is jumping on the back on one of the two kids we took with us.

Sydney and Olivia spent hours playing in the sand. Olivia left kicking and screaming!

Lucas was not impressed. If I took him too close to the lake he just scared him. It was also in the 80's with no breeze and unbearably hot for him. He pretty much whimpered the entire time and was very glad to leave.

Cody blowing up a raft.
Finally, a little bit of a smile!

Nicholas buried in the sand.

June 22, was a beautiful day at our house so we headed out to the lake again. Bad idea. It was cold and blowing so hard. The boys tried to make the best of it. Elijah was laying on his back with a cheetoh next to him to see if the seagull would come down. It did, scared Elijah and he jumped up and ran!

Elijah found a kite abandoned on the beach. It took a bit for him to figure it out, but he got it flying. In fact, it was so windy he tied it to the camping chair and it flew itself!

Could Lucas be any more miserable?

June 23, 2007....State Qualifiers for BMX. Elijah has the white sleeves...he took 1st again.

Nick had a great race today, and beat someone he lost to before. He took third overall.

Here's the family waiting for the start of the Midnight Sun Run. It's six miles long and begins at
10:00 PM. Homer pushed one stroller, and I the other. Nick and Cody ran and finished in 52 minutes. Elijah walked with Amber and finished in an hour and 25 minutes. Emily and Sydney walked the whole way...I was so impressed with them. We finished in one hour and 45 minutes which is an hour and ten minutes faster than last year! (I had just had Lucas six weeks before and I was slow!). It was a beautiful night with about 3500 people participating.

Nicholas....14 years old.

Homer and Lucas.....

Some of the crazy costumes.

Here we are stuck in the crowd...we couldn't make it to the back where the strollers were supposed to be so we just waited as the crowd moved on after the start.

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